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What is ringtone or polyphonic ringtones ?

Looking for Cool Free Ringtones and wallpaper to download to your cell or mobile phone? This page provides the best ringtone websites to easily download the top free ringtones and wallpaper to your mobile phone.


Before you get too crazy finding and downloading ringtones for your mobile phone, there are a few things you need to know about mobile phone ringtones and wallpaper...

  • What is a Ringtone?
  • Different Types of Ringtones
  • Understand Your Cellphone

What is a Ringtone (or ring tone)?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know what a ringtone is but we will give a quick overview for the rock lovers. :-) Ringtones are the melodic sounds a cell phone makes when it receives an incomming call or message. Ringtones are best known for the popular and customizable sounds on all the newer mobile phones.

Originally, different ringtones were just used to differentiate between different phones when in a group of other cell phones but the popularity of musical tones and new capabilities such as being able to associate a specific ringtone to an incomming call have made ringtones the new fad and extremely popular.

Different types of Ringtones

Ringtones come in different types. There are Monophonic Ringtones, Polyphonic Ringtones, and Music or MP3 Ringtones.

Monophonic ringtones are very simple tunes that will run on almost all cellphones because they consist of one tone being played in sequence. They are usually very short tones. In early mobile phones, you could even program your own simple monophonic tones. While they are still around, these simple tones have since gone out of style because of the newer, more sophisticated options.

Polyphonic ringtones allow multiple tones to be played simultaneously using instrument sounds like drums, trumpet, guitar, piano, etc. A polyphonic cellphone can play up to 16 separate tones at once. By combining these tones, the phone can play a harmonic melody rather than just a single tone in sequence like the monophonic phones. Almost all of the new mobile phones will play polyphonic ringtones.

Finally, music or MP3 ringtones are the latest version of ringtones that can play actual pieces of music and lyrics. These tones are extremely popular because of the versatility and perfect quality of sound.

Understand Your Cellphone

Before you start downloading all your free ringtones, get familiar with your cellphone and know what types of ringtones it can play. You also want to make sure and only download ringtones made for your specific brand. Free ringtone sites will usually help you by asking what cellphone model you are using.


Finally, in addition to ringtones, the new mobile phones will allow you to download and display awesome images on your phone. Most of the free ringtone sites also provide huge selections of wallpaper that you can download to you cellphone so make sure to get great images while downloading great tones.